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Too Fragmented to Function: Not Quite a Fresh Start September

September normally feels like a time of refocusing and new beginnings. Long sunny summer days make it more appealing to sit outside than to sit at a computer after work to move forward on those extracurricular goals. But when the chill hits the air and everyone is heading back to school, I'm normally in my prime to grab the reigns back. I had a plan. September was going to be epic for my goals.And then, as it has so unpredictably over this last strange year, it all sort of fell apart. This time there wasn't really a trigger. Maybe just the pouring over my neglected to-do lists. But my brain sort of exploded. I was trying to think of what image could best describe the feeling that made me realize I had to make a change. The best thing I could come up with was that my brain was like a bag of microwave popcorn. Kernels of thoughts and decisions and goals and feelings and to-dos all sort of heated up under the increasing pressure of feeling like time was running out. And they all …

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