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So What Have You Learned During Quarantine? Did You Publish Your Book Yet?: The Pandemic Productivity Trap

If you want to see how much things have changed, just look to the sky.

This time last year, I was heading off for a three-week trip to South America. Travel seemed so easy. I had no foresight to the fact that a mere year later, personal travel would have come to a standstill. Planes that I used to watch crisscross the sky over my balcony are virtually non-existent right now. The other day on a drive, we passed by the airport and I saw one plane fly overhead. One. I was like a little kid, the excitement it inspired in me.
I'm feeling nostalgic as travel has been a really defining part of my life over the last 20 years. I've spent money others use for homes on longer trips because I crave the feeling of freedom that travel brings. That opening up of your world, feeling the expanse of life and all of its possibilities, connecting with people from all different walks of life. 
That moment in the airport waiting to board is probably the most peaceful and free I ever feel. Because aft…

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