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A Monastery Stay, Some Hot Waters, and Perpetual Charm, Quebec City has Never Been Lovelier

A couple of months back, I found a new side to Quebec City. I feel so alive in unfamiliar places. I wake up after five hours of sleep and run 10k, not even tired in the slightest. Watching every sunrise becomes an attainable goal. Sentences (in my - these days lazy - writer brain) are firing all over the place. It was a good reminder to continually seek what lights us up in life.  For various reasons, I was unable to book a trip out of the country for my first real vacation since the start of COVID, so I stuck to a place that holds so much charm and so many memories for me, Quebec City. With the European-like old city, deep history and French language, it does really feel like you've left the country. There's something incredibly calming about using language solely for communication as opposed to cleverness (I don't know enough French to be clever). And there's nothing more charming in my mind than the chorus of Bonjour that you hear every morning. An additional draw th

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