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Moments of Magic: Birthday Reflections 2022

With every passing year, birthdays seem to be filled with more joy and celebration than fear of getting older. This year I woke up with a smile thinking of how lucky I was to be able to celebrate another year of ups and downs, surrounded by people that I love in a beautiful place. It doesn't get much better than that and I was grateful. This year's birthday post is actually in honour of a person, Natalie Kuz, who lived life and faced illness in a way that inspires me so much. Sadly she recently lost her battle with cancer. Natalie was one of those people that leaves such a big hole in terms of the energy, joy, and fun she brought to life, but who also leaves behind a bucketload of that energy sprinkled amongst the lives of those she knew. In that, she lives on, and the world is a little brighter.  Life Exists in Moments I met Natalie a while back when singing in the same choir but really connected with her over an interaction we had years later. We were sitting next to each oth

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