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Wordle Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning

Everything is belated this year. I say I’m going to give myself some leeway on getting things done, and somehow months have flown by and I’ve done very little of anything but keep the lights on. Hence my first post of 2022 landing three months in. Better late than never... Still Languishing, With a Shot of Anxiety I used to buy notebooks on walks (before smartphones) to document the stories that were filling up my head and making it impossible to think straight. I would see something, and a sentence related to it would pop up, and form into a potential story. Always non-fiction. Sentences that I couldn't bear to lose as they seemed to come from some place of divine inspiration. These days they've been replaced with not a lot of anything, certainly not a sentence that feels important or interesting enough to commit to the page. Inspiration hasn't returned. The words are missing in action.  I still feel like I'm in a state of languishing, but can no longer afford to be. T

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